Decision day for contentious quarry application

The highly contentious planning application for a 100-acre quarry at Straitgate Farm (a mile west of Ottery St Mary) is to be finally decided at the Devon County Council Planning Committee at County Hall at 2.15 pm on Wednesday 1 December.

The planning application for a sand and gravel quarry at Straitgate Farm was submitted by Aggregate Industries (AI) in 2017, but has been delayed from going before councillors for determination because AI had failed to satisfy DCC planning officers’ concerns over a number of issues over the last 4 years.

The agenda papers for the meeting are expected to be published on Tuesday 23 November.I will be arguing strongly for refusal of this very damaging application. There are many compelling reasons to refuse it.

Some of my greatest concerns relate to an increased flood risk for large numbers of people in Ottery, and other communities, at the bottom of the hill.

I am also extremely worried about the increased danger of road traffic accidents as a result of a large number of bulky slow moving lorries leaving the site and turning right across the flow of fast moving traffic on by far Ottery’s busiest road.

I am very concerned about the significant and detrimental ecological and environmental impact of the application and also the impact it will have on private water supplies.

In addition, all as dug material will be transported by HGV to be processed 23 miles away, meaning 100,000 unnecessary HGV journeys which is totally against the sustainability objectives which underpin planning policy.